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World's largest quadcopters

Independently and without external capital, ACC-Group and ACC-Innovation have financed, developed and manufactured a range of the world's largest quadcopter drones with a payload capacity far over 1000 kg. This was made possible through our patents and the diversified skills found within the companies of ACC-Group. 

You will probably find that, many companies claim they can lift this much and fly that long. Very seldom, they have the proof for it. With us, you will find we have evidence for our claims. 

Are you interested in discussing an application with real heavy lifting drones? Or would you like to attend a live demonstration at our test center at Drone Center Sweden,Västervik airport? 

Mosquito 2-stroke

The Mosquito 2-stroke is an excellent choice if you are on a budget, but still need one of the best performing drones out there.

Mosquito 4-stroke

Having roughly the same performance as the Mosquito 2-stroke the Thunder Wasp 4-stroke focus on longer flight time. Equipped with a certified engine from Rotax it has excellent performance and reliability.  

Thunder Wasp GT

If you are looking for high performance in every way, this is the drone. Equipped with a gas turbine, the performance and reliability are taken to the next level.

Thunder Wasp 2xGT

Equipped with double turbo shaft engines. This places the drone in a class of it's own. 

Our patents make for extreme performing drones.

We identify a solution

Our products shall solve a task. We find out how we can best help our customers to solve their task through our products.