Strategic partnership between ACC Innovation and Modini Ltd

ACC Innovation AB and Modini Ltd. seal their strategic partnership to engineer the heaviest lift drone platform capable of lifting up to 700kg in a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (#BVLOS) environment. This pioneering platform will enable shore-to-ship and ship-to-ship delivery of heavy payloads for the Royal Navy. This collaboration of innovative solution design, #RPAS engineering, trials and evaluation and airmanship bring to fruition a solution that can operate in the challenging and unpredictable environment of a moving ship at sea.

ACC Innovation CEO, Claes Drougge commented "ACC Innovation is proud to have been selected by Modini for a strategic partnership to bring a new paradigm to RPAS capabilities for the UK Royal Navy and Future Capability Group. Modini’s professional and experienced organisation helps us to bring the most powerful heavy lift #VTOL to the market and we are fully committed to further innovation of the drone industry.” 

“The growing relationship between ACC innovations group and Modini has started to yield fantastic results, as identified by the Royal Navy for the award of this Heavy Lift Challenge. This has been successful by our engineering, integration and operations teams working in harmony with world leading #OEMs to deliver best in class #drone solutions.” Nick Sharpe, CEO, Modini.

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