Drones ranging from 100 kg to 1500 kg payload capacity, we've got you covered

Whether you need to fly for an extended period of time or you need to lift something heavy. We got you covered. With the same footprint, our drones can be equipped with different engines for different performance, depending on mission. 

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Mosquito 2-stroke

The Mosquito 2-stroke is an excellent choice if you are on a budget, but still need one of the best performing drones out there. 

Ideal for inspection or light lifting

When most other manufacturer say they have a heavy lift drone, they often lift less than 50 kg. 

When we say we have a light lifting drone, our drone have 100-120 kg payload capabilites. 

Fly for longer

Equipped with a certified engine from Rotax it has excellent performance, reliability and high fuel efficiency. 

Mosquito 4-stroke

Having roughly the same performance as the Mosquito 2-stroke the Mosquito 4-stroke focus on longer flight time. Equipped with a certified engine from Rotax it has excellent performance and reliability.  

Thunder Wasp GT

If you are looking for high performance in every way, this is the drone. Equipped with a gas turbine, the performance and reliability are taken to the next level.

Medium to heavy lift

An excellent balance between heavy lift and endurance capabilites. With an MTOW of 700 kg (of which drone empty weight is 300 kg), there are few missions this drone can't take on.

Heavy lifting

Unlike other manufacturers, when we say heavy, we mean heavy. With an MTOW of 1500 kg (empty weight 400 kg) the Thunder Wasp 2xTS makes an excellent choice for heavy lift applications.

Thunder Wasp 2xGT

Equipped with double turbo shaft engines. This places the drone in a class of it's own. 

Ground Control Station

Our Ground Control Station (GCS) contains all that is needed on the ground, including data-links, PC, control software, etc. 

All in one

A high speed PC, buttons, switches and a HOTAS-joystick along with up to 3 screens make this GCS a perfect choice for drone command and control.