Thunder Wasp 2xGT


Maximum take-off weight: 1500 kg
Empty weight: 400 kg
Maximum Payload capacity: 1080 kg
Fuel capacity: 20-1100 kg
Engine: 2x Turbo shaft
Fuel: Jet-A1
Power output: 440 hp
Cruising speed: 90 km/h
Fuel consumption: 150 kg/h

Type: Quad rotor
Length incl. rotor blades: 7,5 m
Width incl. rotor blades: 7,5 m
Diameter rotor disc: 3,5 m
Height 1,4 m

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. 

Equipped with double turbo shaft engine makes it ideal for extreme heavy lifting which makes it a good choice for use in for example construction, firefighting, emergency rescue and more.