Thunder Wasp GT


Maximum take-off weight: 800 kg
Empty weight: 380 kg
Maximum Payload capacity: 420 kg
Fuel capacity: 10-210 kg
Engine: Turbo shaft
Fuel: Jet A1
Power output: 220 hp
Cruising speed: 90 km/h
Fuel consumption: 75 kg/h
Service ceiling: 3000 m ASL ISA
Flight time with 50 kg payload: 4,0 h
Flight time with 100 kg payload: 3,5 h
Flight time with 200 kg payload: 2,5 h
Flight time with 300 kg payload: 1,5 h
Range with 50 kg palyload: 360 km
Range with 100 kg payload: 315 km
Range with 200 kg payload: 200 km
Range with 300 kg payload: 80 km

Type: Quad rotor
Length incl. rotor blades: 5,5 m
Width incl. rotor blades: 5,5 m
Diameter rotor disc: 2,7 m
Height 1,4 m

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. 

Ideal for medium to heavy lifting. The turbo shaft engine delivers excellent performance whether it's for lifting or surveillance with longer flights.